Tyreplus Australia


The TYREPLUS franchise wishes to have a national website to introduce its offer and its network. They also wants to offer an individual website to each of their 45 franchisees.

Goals :

  • Provide consumers with information and options to meet their booking / quotation request needs

  • Develop a new “national” website for TYREPLUS

  • Generate trafic online and on-site


Tyredating delivers the TYREPLUS Australia sites in March 2018.

1 National website:

  • Website introducing the offer and the franchise

  • Fully responsive website

  • Main feature: search for a retail outlet with a direct link to the site of the selected franchisee

  • Back office for the franchise to push marketing operations (banners, landing pages) on franchise websites

45 franchisees websites:

  • Corporate idendity charter common with the one from the franchise

  • multi-brands tires selector

  • Presenting the services of each center

  • Price display

  • Only appointment module

  • Quotation request module

  • E-booking : online order, on-site payment

  • Individual back-office for each franchisee in order for him to animate his website

Each new franchisee to join TYREPLUS can have his own website with no further investment