The Tyre Selector,
the tire’s google by Tyredating

Our tire search APIs are easy to integrate thanks to their standardized documentation and allow us to propose precise tire choices, taking into account the technical characteristics of the vehicles or tires.

The Tyre Selector: at the crossroads of 2 data sources

A regularly updated database of multi-brand tires

A vehicle database, which is updated by the vehicle experts of a dedicated Michelin Group team

Technical rules for tires and vehicles based on accidentology or customer feedback, derived from Michelin’s technical expertise


Create and manage complex algorithms without programming.


Integrate a standardized and automatically documented JSON API.


Paste your Tyre Selector in any environment (social networks, blogs, ads etc.) as 3 lines of code


An efficient user experience, thanks to fast response times!

How does it work?

Use the Tyre Selector administration to easily create a standardized JSON API with search queries that allow your developers to integrate functional requirements and business rules into your website.

Our customers use Tyre Selector technology to provide users with accurate and sorted tire results, without having to maintain a tire or vehicle base, and with the expertise of a major manufacturer.

For a merchant site, the gain is in conversion, because our APIs allow to create a reliable and loyal user path.

Our APIs are automatically documented in the form of the OpenAPI Swagger specification, making it easy for our customers’ technical teams to understand and integrate.



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