In 2008, Christophe Tesseraud founds TYREDATING with the will to shift the lines of the tire e-market. He launches POPGOM.fr and POPGOM.es.

POPGOM, pure-player specialized in the sale of any brands of tires, stands out from the crowd by offering its products AND services:


  • POPGOM is the first website in France to offer the purchase of tires, online appointments by a specialized and approved fitting center and the sale of tire-related services (geometry, nitrogen inflation, tire storage, insurance and assistance …)

  • It points out branded tires and shows content to the Internet user to light up the possilbe choice of products


14 POPGOM websites are being deployed between 2008 and 2012 througout Europe, in 11 different languages, available on desktop and mobile devices.


1 technical platform

  • Tire selector by size and by vehicle

  • Online appointment scheduling module with direct connection to the approved fitting centers schedule.

  • Geo-tracking of the fitting centers

  • Complete wheels dedicated module (rims + tires)

  • Promotional campaign

  • Merchandising management

  • over 70 payment methods

  • Currencies and taxes management

  • Connection to more than 30 tires suppliers

1 back-office management

  • Orders management

  • Management of appointments in fitting centers

  • Returns management

  • Frauds management

  • 1 tire pricing software

  • 1 CRM software

  • 1 multi-lingual call-center

  • 14 websites fully operated by TYREDATING team


The POPGOM websites log 6 million visits and a turnover of 20M € / year, half of which is earned outside of France.

POPGOM, it is also a network of more than 3000 approved fitting centers, all of them being tire professionals and 250,000 customers attracted by the unique offer of this pure player