API Generator


APIGen is an API generator, connectable to multiple data sources, contact points between APIs and rules engines, which executes business principles in a production environment. It can process large volumes of data from a wide variety of sources, and make them available worldwide to reach an international clientele.

The objective is simple: to master business data and know how to present it in the majority of Information Systems.


APIGen lets you :

Control all data processing thanks to our intuitive, code-free interface, suitable for everyoneCross data sources to take full advantage of the power of APIs (Excel, external APIs, etc.), Cross, sort, filter and… deploy existing databases and runtimes on 5 continents in 3 clicks, for instant response times thanks to on-the-fly deployment!

In particular, the API Generator has enabled us to deploy the TyreSelector throughout the Michelin world, thanks to its rules engine which makes parameter settings readable and easily modifiable, independently of IT release cycles.

Today, the API team’s ambition is to extend the use of its solution to Michelin and beyond.