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MLX Network

Auto Fuchs multi device


MLX, a German tire wholesaler, called on YepGarage to offer its network of partners individual sites tailored to their needs. The goal for the wholesaler is to help its partners to be visible online and to increase their business while building loyalty.


MLX has a solution that allows them to offer 3 versions of websites to their partners, depending on their maturity and their need: 

  • A showcase site

  • A website where the partner can activate online quotation and appointment

  • A website where the customer orders online and pays on-site

The brands actually integrated to the tire base of the websites have been defined by the wholesaler. All the websites are developped with a common corporate identity charter, to MLX colors , but bearing the logo of the partner and the possibility for him to present his offer among the catalog of accessible brands.


Since mid-2018, 40 websites have been launched.

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