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Euromaster responsive


In 2014, EUROMASTER Switzerland, tire and routine maintenance expert, wanted to increase its visibility on the Internet in order to bring traffic to its retail outlets and increase its sales.

EUROMASTER has therefore asked TYREDATING to develop its websites considering two major goals:

  • Win new customers
  • Promote ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline)



Websites development integrating 4 main features :

  • E-commerce fully responsive website: tires and services sales with online or on site payment.

  • A  location tool of points of sale with display of contact details

  • A tool to take online appointments

  • An online quote request form


Launched in April 2014, and are now indexed on the main search engines in the top 5 of the main keywords such as tire, tires, tire fitting, Geneva tires, Lausanne tires, reifen…

In 2015, EUROMASTER Italy and Turkey are launched on TYREDATING platform.

In 2016, EUROMASTER Switzerland puts its trust in TYREDATING once again by entrusting the company the development of its B2B website addressing professionals. This year also, EUROMASTER Poland and Czech Republic were launched and integrating to the already activated websites.

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