The Universal TyreSelector
is Tyredating tire search tool 

The Universal Tire Selector allows a seller website to offer an Internet user the tires matching their needs, and to bring them as far as possible into the sales tunnel.

The Universal TyreSelector : at the crossroad of 2 technologies


Used to connect to article databases, stock or any other API, the API generator is able to run a lot of data to process the information provided by the end customer

  • Size
  • Vehicle brand and model
  • License plate
  • Seasons
  • Purchasing preferences …

At output, the API Generator provides reliable results, matching the real-time status of stocks or the marking regulations in force.

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The rules engine gathers all the marketing rules necessary to lead the end customer in the sales tunnel.

Whether it is to promote a model, optimize its stocks, or even anticipate seasonal needs, the driving force behind these configurable rules through a marketing profile does not require any development skills to be configured.

The rules engine configurable by a marketing profile requires no development skills to be configured: just rules!

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A tool built for everyone.


Create and manage complex algorithms without programming.

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Integrate a standardized and automatically documented JSON API.

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Paste your TSU in any environment (social networks, blogs, ads etc.) as 3 lines of code

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An efficient user experience, thanks to quick response times!

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How does this work?

Use TSU administration tool to easily create a standardized JSON API, whose search queries will allow your developers to integrate functional requirements and business rules into your site.


Insert your tire selector on your blogs, websites or social networks easily: add 3 lines of code using your favorite CMS (WordPress, Prestashop, etc.) or Google Tag Manager. And that’s it !


Tolerance of load and speed index

If the search result is below 10 products, you can extend it by displaying tires with a higher load and speed index than what the user requested

Local rules for legislation and climate

Automatically display winter tires from September 1 to March 31 for Nordic countries (such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, …)

Specific user-oriented research

If a user has already ordered a tire from your result list in the past, you can put this tire as highly recommended at the top of the list for his next visits.

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