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As a web-service provider for e-retailing of tires and associated services, Tyredating offers a solution tailored to each need, whatever the size of the company.

1 single platform, modular bricks, the solution to your E-retail needs.


You are a garage (1 to 10 points of sale) 

Create your own online shop in just a few clicks

  • A creation tool easy to use : no need of computer skills
  • Several solutions, from visibility search to online ordering
  • Integrated catalogue : choose your products, the content is already created
  • No commitment
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You are a franchisor, a retailers group

Create an online market place for your network

  • Online Control of the product catalague
  • Tools for on-site traffic generation and online sale
  • Prices setting by each point of sale
  • Marketing costs pooling

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You are a specialized shop

Create your e-Shop and develop your omnichannel approach

  • e-Shop connected to your ecosystem (ERP, third-party solutions)
  • Tools for on-site traffic generation (online appointments, online quote request…)
  • Tires and services online sale with online or on-site payment

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You want to develop a website dedicated to the online sale of tire?

Create you E-Shop and develop your omni-channel approach

  • A complete E-Shop connected to one or more tire stocks
  • Tools for the sales animation and the merchandising management of your E-Shop
  • Tire and services online sale
  • Connection to various payment platforms tailored to the local context

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You already have a website but you want to develop a “tire” category

Create your E-Corner and develop you omni-channel approach

  • A complete and easily manageable sales funnel
  • Ready to use sales pitch and product sheets
  • Order tracking thanks to a sales management tool tailored to tire environment

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universal tire selector


For everyone !

Create and manage your own customized Tire selector API

  • Create and manage complex algorithms without writing a single line of code.
  • Deploy your Tire selector as a standardized and perfectly documented API.
  • Increase traffic to your website with a fully customizable widget.

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