Operational Monitoring

SEO Migration Project

Secure the organic traffic when migrating your Website

Address the SEO issues of a Website migration as a whole project in itself, and secure the organic traffic with a 3 steps migration process:

  • SEO migration scope definition and identification of the Key contents, and the main errors
  • Redirections management and tags & content migration without alteration
  • Post-migration errors monitoring & corrections
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Technical SEO Audit

Make sure your Website is SEO compliant


Before investing time and money in creating content and building backlinks, it is essential to make sure your Website is SEO compliant.

We realize a complete SEO audit of your Website, including 82 critical control points on the following topics:

  • Code performance & Page Speed
  • Crawling issues & linking status
  • URLs structures
  • Content status
  • Domains, https & security issues

SEO Compliancy Maintenance

Maintain your Website SEO compliant in the long run

We provide a continuous monitoring of 12 technical SEO KPIs. A monthly report of their performance is also provided, with a highlight of the issues detected & the actions implemented and recommended.

This monitoring covers Page Speed & general performance, linking & content status, and securities issues.

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