Project Description

Tyres N Service India


Tires N Services is an e-Retail program gathering hundreds of independent garages in India. The goal of this program is to generate business for the garages through a single platform where each garage has its own micro-website.

  • A website optimized for local SEO

  • The possibility of creating individual websites for each garage in the directory of the generic site, with their own back-office, their own content and offers management
  • Centralized management of point of sale information in order to broadcast them on various directories of the market (Google My Business, Just Dial, etc.)

  • Traffic generation for affiliated garages

  • Measuring the business generated by the website for its affiliates


The Tires N Services site gathers 250 micro-websites of Indian garages. It is sized to gather several thousand.

  • A Mobile-first website to meet Indian requirements
  • A store locator allowing you to find easily the nearest garage and check on the desired services
  • “Cities” pages to optimize local SEO
  • The creation of a news blog about automobile, tires and services

  • A dedicated back office for each garage
  • The implementation of a “call tracking” in order to optimize the management of calls generated by the website and the management of their conversion into sales

  • An API to connect the website to the program’s CRM
  • Individual reporting on the leads generated by their site and the entire ecosystem for each garage


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