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Our E-Com platform

Our key word? To offer you a solution that suits best your brand and your objectives.
The Tyredating platform allows you to manage your business by taking into account the different needs of your trade. All the features of the platform are designed to help you optimize, energize and sustain your business.

  • Managing menus and footers

  • Specific landing page creation

  • Enrichment of the product sheets

  • Optimization of SEO

  • Display management
  • Highlighting of products
  • Promotional codes creation
  • Promotional banners on line
  • Order management, from order taking to billing
  • Appointment management in fitting center
  • Returns and claims management
  • Fraud management
  • Tire search module by dimensions or by vehicle
  • Sale of services
  • online appointment for fitting tires
  • Quote request module
  • Point of sale geolocation module
  • complete “tire” data base for more than 40 brands
  • Textual content and image
  • Direct connection to tire suppliers (wholesalers, manufacturers) for stock management and pricesrix
  • Connection to e-marketing tools (CRM, flow generators for comparators, search engines, market places, , pricing…)
  • Connection to partners, content providers (Lizéo, Content Center Manufacturiers)
  • Taxes and currencies management
  • Languages management
  • Management of payment methods specific to each country

The features


Fully manageable set up of page.

Sales animation

Highlighting of products by configuring front displays, banners and promotional codes


Multi-criteria query to display tire search results and ability to create filters based on business rules.

Tires catalog

Catalog of a large amount of tires references with pictures, descriptions and performance information.

Tires services

Tire service configuration for each center

Automotive services

Configuration of automotive services depending on the center

Quote request

Quick and easy quote request thanks to a simple form with the possibility of having information on the prices of products and services.

Look for fitting centers

Location of points of sale and a description of offered services (opening hours, provision of services, etc.)


Online appointment in a point of sale for one or more fixed-prices services.

Taxes management

Application of taxes, depending on the country.

Payment means

Different means of payment possible: credit card, mastercard, paypal, transfer, etc.

Order management

Execution follow-up of each order placed on the site thanks to the Order Management System.

visual-order-management-system of Tyredating

Order Management System

To ensure a complete offer and optimize the customer experience, we have developed a OMS to orchestrate all orders placed and track their performance.

  • Receipts management
  • Fraud treatment
  • Refund management
  • Discount
  • Products shipment tracking
  • reception manangement
  • Returns management
  • Claims management
  • Appointment requests
  • alternatives management
  • Cancellation processing
  • Call-center tool (CRM)
  • Customer Relationship Traceability

These flows are managed by a process scheduler and interactions with the various parties involved in the ordering process (customers, tire suppliers, automotive service providers) are managed either by dedicated portals or by connecting to ERPs (eBooking , eSupply, …)

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